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“…A profound insight on the practice of yoga.”

-Michael Harris, bestselling author & yoga teacher


Book Reviews

  • This is one of those rare books that is about what we need and what we want — at the same time. I had to keep putting it down, because I wanted to reflect on what it was saying to me. And I had to keep taking it up again, because I was so eager to see where it was going to take us next. Oh, anyone who reads it is in for a wondrous time.”

    Rev. Bruce Van Blair, Minister of Lay Ministries at Countryside, Community Church, Omaha, NE. Pastor of the New Church

  • This book that Patrice has written is a profound insight on the practice of yoga. Whether you are interested in yoga or not, her personal story will guide you on a most wonderful journey. It’s a book that is hard to stop reading.”

  • A full-service voyage through the complexities of Ego, Anger, Love, Faith, and more through shared personal truths that provoke deep introspection and encouragement to understand your life purpose and path to happiness via the use of intelligent, insightful, and humorous analogies borrowed unobtrusively from the Christian faith, pop culture, scientific philosophy, yoga philosophy, and current events. This book will pique your senses with shared wisdoms acute to our times such, as ‘Put down your cell phone, your call awaits, but it will never come through your smartphone.”

  • This heartfelt story of Patrice’s journey to live her passion will inspire you to not just pick up your mat and walk, but pick it up and thrive.”

    Kelly Smith, Founder of The Center for Living Peace, Irvine, CA

  • Have you ever truly known yourself? This book is a story of a Baby Boomer who shares her exploration of life’s essential questions. Patrice’s personalized approach to storytelling is enthralling. And as such, men and women in modern societies will be able to relate to her story and in that process maybe even find a clearer path for themselves in their own journeys.”

    JP Gough Corporate CEO, Political Candidate, Author & Speaker

  • Patrice Simon makes her passion for yoga accessible and enjoyable for anyone, no matter their age, background, or denomination. Patrice is living proof that yoga and preventative health can help you live better and more beautifully. Namaste!”

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